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The Twelve have given valuable teaching on a wide variety of subjects, all linked in this central theme of awakening to your power as conscious creator and connecting with your broader nonphysical self. These are a sampling of topics they have spoken on.

—The Law of Attraction
—Lack of intention yields random results
—Tell your own future
—You must convince yourself
—Your vision is the whole book; you live it one day at a time

The Law of Attraction
“You will not develop any meaningful understanding of who you are in this play of life until you get a grip on how it works and how to make it work for you. Therefore a prerequisite to the understanding we would teach is an understanding of Law of Attraction and how it brings your life experience to you. read more...

—Your creation process comes from the place where galaxies are born
—The womb of the Great Mother
—The three rooms of creation
—The Matrix of All Being

Your creation process comes from the place where galaxies are born
“As you consider the possibilities within your own field of physical perceptual awareness, always remember that your creation process comes from this place where the galaxies themselves are born into existence, and the process that you utilize in creating that which is physically manifested in your experience is the identical process. First there is thought, and as thought continues it congeals into thought-form, and as thought-form continues, it precipitates into physical existence. read more...

You must ask for what you want
—Trouble God with silliness
—Your physical perspective is valued
—Alignment with your own nonphysical Self is essential
—Meditation is the opportunity for your own nonphysical being to speak
—Your attention places the value in everything
—Your attention infuses life with Source Energy
—Be visionary with your intentions
—God is not your parent

You must ask for what you want
“Great Assistance is available to you. But you must intend it first; you must ask for it. And when you ask for the great assistance for every task—no matter how small, no matter how large—Great Assistance will be there to unravel the knots. To bring the things into position that you could only hope for with your physical orientation. Be on the leading edge.  Be on the leading edge of creation every day, every segment. Create it whether you think it needs creating or not, because in fact you are creating it whether you believe it or not.” read more...

Stand for yourself; you are worthy
—Release your attachment to struggle
—The thought-essence is the now moment
—Restructuring of thought releases past karma
—A tree falling in the forest indeed exists

Stand for yourself, you are worthy
"If you will stand up for yourself, it does not matter whether you win or lose the battle. The Universe will fill your field with your wanting because it sees you as one who considers yourself worthy. The Universe sends the spoils to those who see themselves as worthy simply because they think so, and since the Universe has absolute abundance there is plenty even if all of you see yourselves as worthy. (You are!) read more...

Nonattachment to results
—Nonattachment to physical being
—Attachment/Identification with the physical causes suffering and lack

Nonattachment to results
“You may expect good things to come to you independently of what you do—and you should expect good things to come to you independently of what you do.  We want you to break the tie between what you do and what you get, you see. read more...

—You are not journeying through space and time
—You must appreciate that which you want
—You can’t go back
—It is your misperception of the universe to think that it is not wrinkled

You are not journeying through time and space
“It is not you who is going through the world; the world is going through you.  You are creator.  The world, the Universe aligns itself with you—with your thought, your belief. It really is “all about you.” Source comes through you to create and align the world—the journey is not yours. The journey is the world’s and it is journeying through your vortex of vibrational alignment. You can just sit still and it will all come to you. read more...

—Attending to your field is a vital process
—Your thought calls your body and your entire field of experience into being
—Moving the world and moving your hand are the same process

Attending to your field is a vital process
“Your field of being is just that; an entire field encompassing you, your body, your life experience, the automobile you own. By law of attraction all of it has been brought to you. The elements of your body were brought to you by law of attraction.  It is the cat that comes and wishes to be petted, the persons who communicate and interact with you, just as any thing comes to you, (it is) all by law of attraction. It is your field that is called it forth. read more...

—You need do nothing
—Action mode vs. Creation mode
—Clear thinking yields clear results
—Retraining yourself to operate under a new paradigm of thought

You need do nothing
“Trust that the Universe will deliver to you exactly that which you are needing or wanting at any time. There is no possibility of mistake with LOA as manager, you see. But LOA responds to your total vibration so you may not get that which is what you thought you were thinking; LOA picks up all of your thought. read more...

You are here to create
—Your truly conscious creating process blows the ego away.
—You are That Which Is

You are here to create
“We reside in the nonphysical plane from whence you have come to be here in this physical place. You are our emissaries here on physical earth to bring forth Heaven to Earth, to bring forth your creation—your addition to the Creation of All That Is, and we are with you every step of the way. We are closer to you than you imagine. We share this physical experience with you, not with physical bodies, but through the experiencing and knowing of your own consciousness. read more...






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