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Who are the Twelve?

"We are a collective of evolved nonphysical beings here to assist you with your broader knowing—knowing that will take you beyond what you might learn through simple observation of your physical time and space through your physical perspective.  It is from our unique nonphysical perspective that we are able to reach out to you with this higher knowing to benefit you in your quest for a more fulfilling life experience.”

Are there actually 12 of you?

“We are a collective. We have chosen this name Twelve, as twelve is a number you can easily visualize and work with in your conscious thought; each of you can easily imagine speaking with a group of twelve.  In fact, we are hundreds and many beyond that.  Our connections run very deep and there are no limits to the number of conscious connections in the nonphysical. Nor are we always the same “Twelve” answering you each time. Our composition changes in response to your asking and your present need—we tap this vast pool of resource as needed for each situation.

“Along with this idea of hundreds and many beyond, we want you to know and feel your connection with That Which is Beyond-Beyond; the very Center from whence All That Is radiates the very Essence of existence—that which you know as God, Source Creator, Infinite Well of Being. There is only One Being.”

Where are you?

“We are where you are. We are speaking to you from the nonphysical dimension.  From this place of your origin, your Source essence, you have temporarily focused into the physical world as a physical being.  But the broader, older, wiser part of you remains here with us, alive and well in the nonphysical.  From our perspective we see that you have never left.

“To your own Inner Spiritual Family, you are right here in the same room, so to speak.  You have not left your home.  You were not abandoned in this world, not by God, not by your parents, not by anybody. We wish to assist you in reconnecting with your own inner self-source, your own inner being, so that you may access that broader wisdom and knowing from where you stand.  We want you to have the courage, the knowledge, and the power to become all that you desire in your physical life experience.”

Why is this a "ministry?" What is Twelve Spirit Ministry?

“Your word “ministry” originally meant service and it is that meaning that we intend to reclaim. This ministry is the collaborative,  co-creating effort of L’tif, the collective Twelve, and all those who interact with us. Growing this connection is our service to the One Creator, All-That-Is, Source of All Being. We have intended it so from ages ago.”

How are you able to speak to us in this way?

“We speak to you through the one we know as L’tif for he is our counterpart, our co-creator of this communication and learning experience. We extend ourselves to you in the physical world through him, for it is in this way that we can communicate most readily with you.  Really, we have been speaking to you all along, but you may not have been in a good spot to listen.
“You may ask us anything.  And soon we believe that many of you will connect with your own inner being in such a way that you will communicate directly with the nonphysical, through your own inner self connection.”

Can I contact others who have transitioned to non-physical life?

“There are those here in the nonphysical who are wishing to speak through us.  If it is your asking to communicate with another, any other who resides among us as a nonphysical entity, we will attempt to allow this access.  Understand that your loved ones who have transitioned back to the nonphysical have entered a realm where all is Light, free of concern, and the experiencing of life is done without the limits of time or space.  They may no longer be recognizable by you as they once were, for they have fully re-united with their broader, older, wiser non-physical selves.  For many it is only through the physical portal of L’tif or one like him, that this communication is possible.  Their vibration now is at such a high frequency that the physical world is no longer easily accessed by them. There are also those whose vibration may be at such a slower frequency that they are unable to access we who are the guardians for this particular gate of communication.”

What to expectis a session like a psychic "reading"?

“Well, in a word, no. Our purpose in communicating with you is to establish first of all your own “psychic” connection, your own channel to the nonphysical essence of who you really are. We know that when you get this connection for yourself that you will be able to ford your way through your physical life experience in a much easier fashion. You have tremendous power and assets available to you in the nonphysical dimension.

“So we are not going to tell your future or anything like that.  We will however teach you how to tell your own, for you are the creator of your own life experience. We do not play the guessing games that are so popular among your TV “psychic” personas. We are advisers and we expect your full cooperation so that we can co-create a more fulfilling life experience for you and for your counterparts in the nonphysical.”

What can I ask?

“First of all make an appointment with us by launching your desire for more knowing.  We will hear your call.  We will sense your vibrational asking for that which you are wanting well before we arrive in the same time and physical space with L’tif to share with you directly our thoughts.

“Your asking can be of anything and we encourage the asking of anything, small or large, for our primary purpose is to assist you in opening your own pathway of communication with the broader, older, wiser nonphysical part of your own self.

“There is a dilemma many of you have about this kind of communication.  Many believe that asking of the nonphysical and Source power for answers must only be for that which is extraordinary, such as in times of great illness or times of great wanting, and really this is the near opposite of what it should be.  Far better the asking be for the many seemingly trivial things throughout the day, for in this process of connecting and identifying and utilizing nonphysical assistance in your daily life your physical mechanism will become attuned to the vibrational flow of information and wisdom from your own inner guides.  It is in the daily and regular use of a tool that one becomes proficient with it.

“Each of you has guidance from the nonphysical, and has it in great abundance, presently untapped to a great degree.  Opening this valve, this tap of greater inner resource will only allow more, indeed it will be like a dam for many where finally a little hole appears and divine inspiration can begin to flow through, and as the allowing comes the tiny little hole will turn into a flood-gate, a great rush of information, advice, aid, enjoinment, silliness, all of it, from the nonphysical realm to bless and flow into your physical experience making it infinitely more enjoyable and controllable to you.  It will give to each of you the power that you desire and that is yours by birthright.”

What is your intention in connecting with us?

“Our Vision is of many others coming to us for the purpose of making their own Spirit Force connection with their own nonphysical self, their own Source of Being.  This God-Source connection is the source of each and every one of you, and it is different for each and every one of you for you are unique, and the way you are expressed into the physical from the nonphysical is unique.  We are here to honor that unique individuality that is you, and help you discover the totality of your Being, physical and nonphysical.  We are here to help you connect with your nonphysical self in such a manner that you are always assured of your basis in reality, that you always have access to the guidance that is available from your nonphysical source being, that you know that you are an eternal infinite being of light and that you know the fullness of that connection that is available to you even now.  We are here to assist you in making that connection, assist you in broadening that connection, and to assist you in knowing the fullness of that connection immersion in your Divine Source Being, your Angels, your inner guides, your creative development team. We want you to know who you really are and once you have made that connection it is yours for all time.”


Do you remember what The Twelve say?

When I come out of trance it's very much like awakening from a dream; if I don’t write it down quickly it will be forgotten. I am often surprised when I listen to the recordings. When they are speaking something that is intended for me I must type it out as they speak and then re-read shortly afterwards.

When they are addressing someone else in a workshop or consultation, I don’t remember much at all; partly because I am very deeply in trance, partly because it is vibrationally aligned with someone else.

Sometimes odd little things having to do with our connection will stick with me. For a time, everyone we consulted with had a little dog associated with them, but they had no idea what that was about and neither did I.



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